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Variety of fragrance cues such as pineapple, lavender, magnolia, and geranium are shown surrounding Botanica logo and tagline Nature Inspired. Planet Conscious.

About Botanica


Botanica is lovingly crafted with responsibly sourced exotic natural ingredients like Himalayan Magnolia, French Lavender and African Geranium, creating breathtakingly natural-smelling home fragrances. 


Bringing the essence of Mother Nature into the home, Botanica offers high-quality air care products with fragrances that are carefully sourced and packaged in a way which respects the planet, available in candles, room sprays, reeds and liquid electric plug-ins.


A unique home fragrance line by Air Wick that has been intentionally crafted with fragrances infused with responsibly sourced natural ingredients and more planet conscious packaging to ensure recyclability and unique scent pairings.


Now you can enjoy nature-inspired scents in the comfort of your home while feeling confident about how the product was created.